Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals

‘The best institution identity’ award to MN Pharmaceuticals from Felis

MN Pharmaceuticals, who has a leading role in the development of Turkish Pharmaceutical industry, have added a new one to its accomplishments. In the 9th ‘Felis Awards’ which was held by MediaCat in digital, creativity, media and PR categories this year, MN Pharmaceuticals won the first prize in ‘The Best Insititutional Identity’ category by its institutional identity concept which was developed for its 90. year celebrations.

MN Pharmaceuticals, who is a leader in the development of Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry and who supports innovative works in human health as well as in all activities, has added a new one to its accomplishments. In the 9. ‘Felis Awards’ that is held to promote creative and effective ideas in marketing communications and to increase the quality standards in this field, MN Pharmaceuticals was also awarded.

In ‘Felis 2014’, a total of 1800 projects in the 4 categories were entered for competition and experienced names in the sector served as jury. Institutional identity studies, activities and the 90 years journey along with the life story of Mustafa Nevzat Pisak film, which was prepared by Tazefikir for the 90th year celebration of MN Pharmaceuticals, was shown to be among the best and was awarded the ‘Best institutional identity’ prize.

Internationally famous and experienced marketing people were present in the Felis 2014 in the scope of Brand Week Istanbul meetings with Brands and Trends theme. Visualization of the first building that MN Pharmaceuticals was founded, its first products,manufacturing plants, exports, its globalization, R&D studies along with the artists that took stage in the 90. year celebrations and dances that were appropriate for the decades shown brought the institutional identity award.

In the scope of the concept that explaines the long journey of MN Pharmaceuticals in human health area and gives the message that it will carry its sucesses into the future, the adventure of a Turkish brandname that develops and progresses with the Turkish Republic was explained as a symphonic project that tells the 90- years journey with music and dances.

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