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14. MN Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Awards were Presented

The 14th ‘MN Pharmacy Awards’ ceremony was held on May 26 at Rahmi Koc Museum. These awards are presented every other year to support and motivate scientific studies in the field of pharmacy and in which young pharmacists show great interest. The first prize winner was presented with a cheque of 17,500 TL. The 90th Year Special Award winner was presented with a cheque of 10,000 TL. Along with the first and 90th Award winners, the jury special award winner were presented silver plaques inscribed with their names.

MN Pharmaceuticals, a leader in development of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry who supports innovative studies in all its activities in addition to human health, has been giving ‘Pharmacy Awards’ every other year since 1989. A jury evaluation meeting was conducted in MN Pharmaceuticals Medicine and Culture House on May 6 for the award which will be given for the 14th time this year. After the evaluation of 17 doctorate thesises, the first prize winner was awarded 17,500 TL, the 90th Year Special Prize winner was awarded 10,000 TL in addition to silver plaques inscribed with their names and the jury special award was given a silver plaque in a ceremony conducted in the Rahmi Koc Museum on May 26.

In the opening speech of the organization that brought MN Pharmaceuticals’ employees and managers together with jury members and health care providers, MN Pharmaceuticals General Manager Levent Selamoglu said that they were happy to see the growing interest in the ‘Pharmacy Awards’ held every other year, for young pharmacists to develop their careers and continued as follows: ‘In the past 90 years, we have always renewed ourselves in the pursuit of science for health. In this important journey, our priorýty has been human health. In the ‘Pharmacy Awards’whých we have organized to transfer our accumulated knowledge to next generations and for development of the careers of young pharmacists, the number of valuable thesises has been increasing every year. First, we would like to convey our sincere thanks to the young pharmacists. Then, we would like to thank our members of the jury who have shown great efforts to cultivate a bright future. We are happy to support these valuable researches that we believe will contribute ýn development of pharmacy in Turkey and to organize this ceremony that will honor the memory of our founder Professor Mustafa Nevzat Pisak.’

The First Prize Winner Will Work in FDA in the USA

The 14th MN Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Award, the most prestigious award of the sector which encourages researches in its field, was presented to Firat Yerlikaya, PhD, Pharm. from Hacettepe University School of Pharmacy.

Yerlikaya, who won the first prize with his thesis named ‘Development and Evaluation of Paclitaxel Nanoparticles by Quality Designing’ in the MN Pharmaceuticals awards ceremony, will start working in Quality Research department of FDA (Food and Drug Association) in the United States of America as a Researcher. Yerlikaya will work in a team that will conduct laboratory studies in licencing of high technology drug products that contain synthetic and biological-sourced molecules.

90th Year and Jury Special Awards

In addition to the first prize award in ‘MN Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Award’ that was initiated in 1989, this year a 90th Year Special Award was given to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the company and also a jury special award was presented. In the awards ceremony that took place on May 26, 2014, the ’90th Year Special Award’, 10,000 TL and a silver plaque were given to Ziya Bayrak, PhD. Pharm. from GATA Pharmaceutic Sciences for his thesis named ‘Development, Control and Analysis of a Sublingual Gel Formulation with Antiemetic Effects’. The winner of the jury special award Filiz Bakar, PhD. Pharm. from Ankara University School of Pharmacy was presented with a silver plaque for her thesis named ‘Roles of Annexin II and Annexin V Proteins in Thrombotic Complications Observed in Type I Diabetes Mellitus’.

Theiseses that direct the future of pharmacy

Since MN Pharmaceuticals aim to direct the future of pharmacy, the members of the jury had a hard time to make a selection among the valuable theiseses.

14th MN Pharmaceuticals Pharmacy Award: “Development and Evaluation of Paclitaxel Nanoparticles by Quality Designing’. This thesis was produced to develop and characterize paclitaxel (anti-cancer active pharmaceutical ingredient) nanoparticles by a quality designing approach. In the tests performed during the study, the developed paclitaxel nanoparticles were shown to have a more effective antitumor activity compared to free paclitaxel.

90th Year Special Award: “Development, Control and Analysis of a Sublingual Gel Formulation with Antiemetic Effects’. In this thesis, sublingual gel formulations of an active ingredient used in tablet and injection forms in treatment of nausea and vomiting were developed and a direct passage to absorbtion was targeted to obtain a faster effect and to avoid absorbtion problems due to vomiting.

Jury Special Award: “Roles of Annexin II and Annexin V Proteins in Thrombotic Complication Observed in Type I Diabetes Mellitus’. In this thesis, the roles of proteins that show anticogulant activity in coagulation complications observed in Type I Diabetes patients were studied.

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