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The Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award ceremony conducted every 2 years since 1989 was held on Monday, May 28 in Istanbul Modern. The award was given to Sibel Ilbasmis Tamer, PhD. from Gazi University Pharmacy Department for her thesis named ‘Studies in drug carrier systems containing nanotube’.

28 May 2012; Ýstanbul – The 13. Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award was given. Sibel Ilbasmis Tamer, PhD. was awarded for her thesis on ‘Studies on Drug Carrier Systems Containing Nanotube’. The Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award is conducted every 2 years by one of the leading companies of the Turkish pharmaceutical field, MN Pharrmaceuticals, to support and motivate scientific studies in the pharmacy field was conducted in Istanbul Modern on May 28. M. Levent Selamoglu, General Manager of MN Pharmceuticals gave the award to Sibel IIbasmýþ Tamer.

The “Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award” was started in 1989 by Nevhiz Pak, Pharm.,. in the name of her father Mustafa Nevzat Pisak (1879-1968) who was a Professor of Pharmacy and its Technology in Istanbul School of Pharmacy and also the founder of MN Pharmaceuticals. Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award, given with the purpose that research should have a place in pharmacy and also to promote and motivate studies conducted in this field especially in universities, has the privilege of being the first and the most prestigious one in this field. The awards jury is selected from the provosts of 19 Schools of Pharmacy in Turkey.

Mustafa Nevzat Pharmacy Award is important not just for the support it provides to the improvements in the field of pharmacy but also by the opportunities it presents to researchers for their careers.

Young pharmacists from all the Schools of Pharmacy in Turkey and from Pharmaceutical Sciences of Gulhane Military Medical School (GATA) have applied with 21 thesises that were approved by their universities for the 13. MN Pharmacy Award.

A wide group consisting of people from the drug industry, academicians and company employees joined in the awards ceremony.

Universities and drug industry are getting closer

M. Levent Selamoglu, MN Pharmaceuticals General Manager, said the following during his speech in the ceremony:

"Scientific research and modernization is the future of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. We have been supporting our young people with the awards we have been giving for their scientific studies and researches since 1989. Development of R&D practices in Turkey is one of our priorities. MN Pharmacy Awards Ceremony is an important step in this direction. Our activity supports the cooperation between the drug industry and the universities. We are happy to support the researches that we believe will contribute to the development of pharmaceutics. in Turkey."

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