Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals

Mustafa Nevzat is the first to participate in the global oncology race

Mustafa Nevzat shipped the first cancer drug to USA from Turkey

December 2, 2010, Istanbul- MN Pharmaceuticals, one of the most established and leader companies of the Turkish pharmaceutical sector, has achieved another first in its field and started exporting oncolytic drugs to USA, the drug market with the highest standards in the world. MN Pharmaceuticals, the first drug company to receive FDA approval in Turkey for manufacturing sterile oncolytic drugs for injection, has organized a ceremony for the first shipment on Thursday, December 2, 2010 in its production plants in Yenibosna. MN Pharmaceuticals will export 10 different oncolytic and oncolytic support drugs to USA until 2012.

M. Levent Selamoglu, General Manager of MN Pharmaceuticals, stated in his speech that due to this shipment, a Turkish company has a global role in a field as difficult as oncology for the first time. Selamoglu said that this shipment is an important step not just for MN but also for the Turkish pharmaceutical sector and continued as follows:

"The trailer truck that will carry our first shipment of oncolytic products to USA is the result of the strong vision, lots of effort and a targeted willpower and determination that were cultivated 87 years ago. With this shipment, which was enabled following the approval of FDA, Turkish pharmaceutical sector is exporting oncolytics to the USA for the first time. We are proud of this development which is a real success for the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.This achievement of MN is a clear proof of what our sector can accomplish worldwide. We believe that various pharmaceutical companies will follow us on this road."

MN is in a strategic partnership in sales, distribution and marketing of generical drugs for injection with Mylan Inc, the second biggest generic drug firm both in USA and worldwide with its 6 billion dollar turnover. Mylan Inc. has also made MN a technological partner as well as a partner in generical drugs for injection. MN Pharmaceuticals and Mylan Inc. are in a wide -scope collaboration in the fields of high-technology and development of products that require special training.

The first oncolytic production plant to receive approval from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Drug Association (EMEA)

Oncolytic Products Production Unit-IV manufacturing plant which started to work in the beginning of 2008 was approved by US Food and Drug Administration ( regarded as the highest formal establishment in determination of drug production standards worldwide) in May 2010. The plant which was approved by the European Drug Association in July 2010 is the first oncolytic production plant in Turkey to receive approval from the two establishments that determine drug standards in the pharmaceutical field worldwide.

In this plant with a 25 million US dollars investment, freeze-dried oncolytic products and sterile products for injection with active ingredients docetaxel, idarubicin, irinotecan, fludarabine, oxaliplatin, epirubicin, vinorelbine and carboplatin are produced. Furthermore, cancer therapy support products, products used in treatment of chemotherapy-induced nausea/vomiting, immunomodulators and drugs used in treatment of bone metastasis are among the products manufactured in the plant. Oral oncolytic products will also be produced there in the very near future. In the meantime, R/D studies are being continued for manufacturing of oncolytic drugs by nano technology.

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