Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals

"Golden Mortar" award goes to Mustafa Nevzat

Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals is the owner of the Golden Mortar in "R/D and Science Award" category in the context of "Drug and Pharmacy Sector Golden Mortar Awards" organized by the Pharmacy periodical. MN was found worthy of this award, given for the first time, for its products that were developed by the company itself and marketed in the USA following FDA approval. The Golden Mortar award was given at a ceremony on Monday evening, December 6, 2010.

07 December 2010; Istanbul- MN Pharmaceuticals, one of the established and leader companies of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, was found worthy of receiving the "Golden Mortar" award in "Drug and Pharmacy Sector Accomplishment Awards" category organized for the first time by the Pharmacy periodical. The award was presented to MN for products developed by the company itself and which were marketed in USA following FDA approval. The Golden Mortar awards were presented in a ceremony organized at Pera Museum on Monday evening, December 6, 2010.

Director of Research and Development, Semra Bingol, PhD., who received the award said the following:

"MN pharmaceuticals develops its pharmaceutical products according to domestic and foreign market demands and plans its R/D and investments in capacity increases accordingly. Today, it has 268 products in world markets and 220 products are in the registration phase. Approximately 30 of these are for the US market. We, in MN, devote a big portion of our budget for R/D. We are investigating and developing new technologies in areas such as improving drug formulations, increasing the effectivity of the available drugs, reducing the side effects and facilitating their administration. I would like to thank the Pharmacy periodical for appreciating our intense work in this field and my collegues who play the most important role in our success.

Jury made a meticulous evaluation.

Drug and Pharmacy Sector Accomplishment Awards, aimed to be the most important awards organization in the coming years, was organized for the first time this year by Pharmacy periodical. Jury made a detailed investigation on the applications and determined those who were worthy of receiving the 2010 Accomplishment Awards. The jury, presided by Mehmet Domanic, the former president of the Turkish Pharmacy Association (TEB) consisted of Ahmet Ogul Araman, PhD., Dean of Istanbul University Pharmacy Faculty; Sevim Rollas, PhD., Dean of Marmara University Pharmacy Faculty; Cengiz Celayir, Pharm. head of the Turkish Drug Industry Association (TISD); Abdullah Ozyýgýt, Pharm. head of All Drug Cooperatives; Ufuk Ersoz, Pharm., head of Tekirdag Chamber of Pharmacists; Mesut Sancar, Pharm. PhD., member of the Clinical Pharmacy Association Board of Directors; Ahmet Cimer, Pharm., member of the Istanbul Pharmacy Cooperative Board of Directors; and authors of the Pharmacy Periodical Zeliha Yýlmaz, Pharm. and Mert Sandalcý.

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