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MN Pharmaceuticals

The first export of MN Pharmaceuticals was to Algeria in 1988. In the subsequent years the number of export countries increased to 33 with 26,5 million units.

Mustafa Nevzat İlaç Sanayii A.Ş. registered its name as MN Pharmaceuticals abroad in 2003.

MN Pharmaceuticals has recently undergone radical changes in its export policy and gained strength by new finished dosage forms;  registration dossiers (i.e. ampicillin/sulbactam 2:1 injection and sulbactam mono were registered in Germany), technology transfer, bulk product exports and contract manufacturing for foreign companies.

MN Pharmaceuticals signed strategic partnership agreements with several leading US generic companies for marketing and sales of its products and submitted the first ANDA dossier to the FDA in 2005 which is also a 'first' for the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry. By taking the initial step in exporting finished dosage forms to the USA, MN Pharmaceuticals has paved the way for the other Turkish pharmaceutical companies to follow.

Following the FDA approval in November 2006, MN Pharmaceuticals started exporting the finished dosage forms to the USA in 2007.

Currently, MN Pharmaceuticals has six licensed products on sale in the US market; this number will increase with the addition of new products under registration.

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