As Mustafa Nevzat İlaç A.Ş. (MN Pharmaceuticals), we perform all our activities aiming for continuous improvement, prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases as well as improvement of environmental sustainability based on our mission to ensure that people both in our country and around the world would maintain a healthier and better quality of life.

In line with these objectives, we

  • Prioritize and review various aspects of Environment, Health, and Occupational Safety at all planning and implementation stages of our operations to integrate them into our business processes within the scope of the principles of harmonization to applicable legal regulations & obligations for compliance as well as continuous improvement;
  • Perform risk assessments and take any necessary precautions for process safety and industrial hygiene at all stages of our operations;
  • Duly investigate all incidents and accidents resulting in or likely to result in an injury and take any necessary actions to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and accidents within the scope of the objectives of preventing the accidents arising out of our activities and improving occupational health;
  • See our executives as a role model for the implementation of our Environment, Health, and Occupational Safety Policy, and consider the undertaking by all of our staff in compliance with the rules and internalization of our Policy as the most crucial strength in achieving our objectives, and allocate all necessary resources for the system;
  • Listen to all staff and stakeholders, share information with them, and improve our knowledge and skills through training;
  • Undertake sustainability activities for environmental protection including use of natural resources, mitigating pollution, waste recovery, prevention of global warming as well as protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.